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Bookkeeping Services and Solutions
As a business owner you have more important
things to do than keep your own books.  Saving
all your invoices and receipts in a “shoe box” and
dealing with it at the end of the year can be

I can provide consistent and regular
bookkeeping services to keep you current at all
times and make it infinitely easier at tax filing
time.  Month end reports will also keep you
abreast of how you’re doing, making the
financial management of your business more
effective and productive.

If you’re someone who dislikes paying bills and
balancing your checking account, I can provide
those services, as well.  Maybe filing is not your
favorite thing to do – give the chore to me, I love

I offer my services in San Jose, San Francisco,
Pennisula and other South Bay areas.

Let me do what I do best so that you can do
what you do best --run your business and
generate profits!
What I can provide:
Financial Statements
Bookkeeping and payroll
General Ledger
Bank Reconciliation
New Business Start-up
Quick Books Consultant
Lisa Arnett
  • Over 20 years in
    Banking & Financial

  • Over 8 Years in
       Property Management

  • CA Department of Real
    Estate Licensee
Lisa Arnett Bookkeeping
How I'm different..
All persons working in and
around your business should be
in alignment with your vision of
success.  Especially the person
that is intimately involved in the
financial end of it.  I am a
positive thinker and genuinely
interested in your success!  I will
hold that consciousness for you!

"Whenever two or more are in
agreement and come into this
consciousness, that which they
agree upon is amplified"
Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith